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Oh okay... [15 Dec 2004|01:21am]

Because everyone else seems to be saying at least something... "Hi, I'm David", but really, I know all of you anyway. For those who fortunately don't;

3rd year Computation student at UMIST (former)
which I hate (present)
and I think as a degree is absolutely worthless and barely even a means to an end.

I've been here forever, really, forever. I was born in Manchester, lived for a few years (my first two years) in Victoria Park (13 Hathersage Road) and I'm now spending a year back with my parents. Originally it was designed to give me a bit more focus in my last year and remove some of the financial burden and stress, but it really hasn't worked out that way so I just want to escape back to the winter city again. Currently residing in Cheadle Hulme.

I do things, permanent fixture of Jillys for what must be five years or something stupid like that now, part of the furniture. I like to dance. And yes, after five years I'm aware Jillys isn't great, but it's as close to metal as we have. I'm approachable and don't bite, I'm also an increadibly big geek. Don't challenge this, you won't win ;oP
I'm going to skip on the likes and dislikes to stop feeling like I'm applying to a ratings community (RIP teensex) but alt.rock / metal / films / oxygen / eyesight / chairs, you get the gist...

Oh my, I don't believe how increadibly dry and impersonal this introduction is, must be a tad too tired.

And pictures, because all the cool kids have them...

Some picturesCollapse )


[10 Dec 2004|11:48pm]

Well hellooooo,
there are those that call me... Dan?!

3rd year AI student at the measily Man Met University ~ gah!
You may see me pouncing around manchester as I have somewhat of a habit of doing.

I've been in manchester since starting uni, after leaving my beloved Brighton far behind.
Manchester seems nice enough, with the added bonus of having ALOT of inhabitants.. a primary reason for moving up here.

I like the usual things in life.. eating, drinking, sleeping, Apple Macs.
Been doing web development stuff as much as humanly possible for the best part of 5 years now, as well as a bit of music here, a bit of art there, topped with some radio presenting and club organising thrown in for good measure! I have more to say, but doesn't everybody...

Clicky da' Piccies ?


[10 Dec 2004|03:45pm]
Right then, usual waffle first i guess. I'm Gene, working as an IT developer in Macclesfield, I live abit outside Manchester (in Wilmslow, but i avoid the place when possible). Prefer Manchester and i've been know to turn up at Jillys, Sin City and Ara. Likes include industrial/ebm/synthpop/darkwave music, general science and Japan. Really don't know Manchester that well despite the years living here. Think i've seen a couple of you about before now. No picture, you'll have to make do with the lj icon pic as camera's hate me.


[10 Dec 2004|01:58am]

To anyone who was out tonight - if I saw you, thanks for the company. If I didn't - must try harder ;-).
Frances, as ever, is illuminating company. Liam deserves better surroundings. Dave deserves not to be so tired. Everyone else deserves to be more appreciated for being so beautiful.
Hopefully a couple of weeks will create larger turnouts and more ready identification.
Sombreros are not clever, NIN did more than one song, and one man's death does not equal the death of music.

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[09 Dec 2004|04:24pm]

Why hello there. I'm matt, gap-year student, applying for English in various place. Erstwhile/ur-Poet, director, actor, whatever. Usually spotted in bookshops or bars with chairs. Potentially out at Jilly's tonight. Just returned from interview at the oxenford. Anything else, just ask.
Poor picture of me with a comic tash.Collapse )


[09 Dec 2004|03:30pm]

[ mood | good ]

Hey. Names Danni. Im originally from Hampshire (Down South) but am studying Computer Science [geek] at Salford [oh the joy]. Fresher [yes].
Seeing as Im from sunny and oh so warm south, Im feeling the cold a bit. But getting used to it i guess.
Me. Well before i became skint (Yes i spent EVERY penny of my student loan by the end of november! god bless my parents for loving me) I used to go to 42nd and 5th quite a lot. Occasionally Jillys. Now i like to stay in and drink red wine with my housemates. we are sophisticated.
Like most types of music and Im open to anything new anybody wishes to share with me!
I think Ive told you enough about myself now.
Heres some pictures... I apologise for the sickness of them but at current all i have are some "cute" type pics that my boyfriend took with my webcam... hence the baaaaaad quality.
click me quick...Collapse )

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[08 Dec 2004|03:13pm]

hi there
I'm not good at describing myself so I'll just tell you some simple facts-
I'm Lydia, first year physics with astrophysics student at manchester. you'll have to meet me to find out more.
The only recent pic I can post is one taken by someone else coz I don't have the means to put my own photos onto the computer :(
I usually wear glasses when not in a club though.

but anyway the point of this post
thursday is, as most people know, Jillys rockworld night. and I will probably be going along. however, the brown fool and I (and quite a few others) go along to circus skills before wandering to rockworld. Its held in a small sports hall in squirrels bar, which is in oak house halls campus (right next to owens park halls)
this is a student society and membership is not needed and its free! so get drunk (or don't) and try to learn poi, or the unicycle, or diabalo (no idea how to spell that).
we'll prob be there at about 9 and off to jillies at 11ish
if anyone wants to try it out let me know and we can arrange definite plans to meet if needed.



[07 Dec 2004|10:47pm]

Usual Greeting.

Hailing from Altrincham, bastion of old Mancunain habits. Stint in Sheffield. Drop out scum, reclining in a boring, undemanding job. Etc. Interests in art and antiquity, history and the beeb. Handmaiden of Fab Café, Cornerhouse, Old Men Pubs, Music Box, Jillys [sigh] and anywhere with pretentious food and an inaccessible wine list and/or real ale/continental beer. Apart from that damn Altrincham Belgian bar.

Revelvent recent picture [though the hair is normally more rats nesty. Big and scary,]

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american werewolf in manchester [07 Dec 2004|10:23pm]

hi there. i'm mandy. i'm a student, a photographer, a filmmaker, a painter, a drummer, a bit of a geek, and a dangerous dancer if the song is right.

i'm going to MMU for an MA in media arts and i'm usually running around town photographing and filming nature (mostly of the tree-variety) and whatever else tickles my fancy. or working. or sleeping. or watching some documentary/animal show on tv. i'm interested in different theories on time, myths, legends, demons, film trivia, and mexican food recipes. i'll read just about anything.

i've been here since august, but only really got out last week and went to Satan's Hollow. not too crowded, decent music, and cheap strong drinks. haven't been to Jilly's yet, but there is still time. i'll be at the Witchwood in january when The Meteors play there. otherwise i've been attending shows with some friends from a local record shop. Nick Cave was amazing.

i hate umbrellas at bus stops and people who don't pay attention when they walk.

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Hey [06 Dec 2004|08:26pm]


Found this community today from manchester and just thought I'd introduce myself.  I'm James and I'm a fresher at Manchester University (I hear you sigh) studying physics and philosophy.  Even though I've only been here for about three months I've found myself going to the same places quite frequently which can get quite boring so I guess I'm looking for more places to discover and frequent in Manchester.

Anyways I've attached some pictures of myselfCollapse )that are the best I can find right now!

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[05 Dec 2004|09:24pm]

Hello. I'm dereØn and/or Matt.

Predictably I'm a student. My interests and activities lie in and around Art, Music, Ancient History, Philosophy & Esotericism.
And killing kids. And bad jokes.

I frequent jilly's on a semi-regular basis, the Ritz once in a while, Sin City when I remember, the Witchwood & other places which I glide into more often than all of the above. I'm currently enamoured with The Mint Lounge, but apart from that I'm in need of new spaces.

Beneath the cut lie images of myself in varying states of disrepair.Collapse )

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